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Dec 20 - I've added a new product to the store. Wow!  Something useless that no one will buy! Keen!  It's a supertastic christmas postcard! You can buy them in packs of 8! Who wouldn't want them?  Best to send in the summer, I'd say.

Nov 08 - Set up a better forum.  No more annoying popups.

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June 1, 2003

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Jne 3, 2003 - Not lazy anymore, just "moving"
Thank god for keenspace.  I finally got an account there, and will be moving this site over.  I'll also file all the old strips away in a new order (probably just group story lines together) and once all that is done I'll start throwing up the next strips, and won't everyone just be so darned pleased?  I think so.  The URL will be posted when the site's set up, but if you're smart I bet you can guess it.

May 30, 2003 - Spuratic Updates (And Crap) to follow
Heh, I can't spell spuratic so office suggest spermatic.  Keen.  Anyway, there's no way I can justify this comic.  But again, I have no fans to lose so it's all good.  But really it's a commentary on how people use the word "gay" and "fag" all the time, and call each other such things, and then well... yeah i got nothing..

May 23, 2003 - Once again I must pause
Due to having other things to do I must pause from this comic.  Once again I have ideas for what I'd like to see in this comic, but I also would like to get on top of finding a job.  As such there will be no new comics after the 24th until further notice.  Perhaps I'll post up some crappy sketch jams though.  Hmm.  Only time will tell.  Thank goodness I have no fan base to apease.

May 9, 2003 - An Embarrassing Link From My Past
Because who didn't wanna be Asian 4.5 years ago? I sure did... Perhaps it woulda been better if this link never surfaced.  This page has gone un-updated in the last 4.5 years... and that still isn't enough of an excuse for it.  God help me.  Mind you it does show my first attempt at using Paint Shop Pro.

April 24, 2003 - Urgent Help Required.
I've been having problems with my site going down.  Tripod doesn't like to let bandwidth be used how you want.  Apparently there are hourly limits too, and as such it's time I look for a new host, however keenspace has not been accepting new members for the last few months, and I can't think of any other place.  YOUR HELP would be greatly appreciated if you could help me find a new server.  Thank you.

April 11, 2003
And then I was all like, wow, schools over.  So I've got net access again and I can update this comic again, and exams are over so I'm free.  Now the thing is, mind you, that I no longer live at the 545.  So I don't know what will happen to those adventures, however I'll not be posting the epic conclusion to In Search fo Prince Charming, which will take about two months to get done.  By then my new comic idea will probably be in motion, or maybe I'll have learned to draw and continue 545 somehow.  Anyway, here's to you.




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