This right here is Angry Duck.  The first piece of crappy art that has been made for your enjoyment.  Now all will know the awesome might that is Angry Duck!


Just for kicks, I took the redesign sketch I did of Candice and decided to colour it in.  Namely because I was bored watching Save the Last Dance and wanted something to do.  So here you go.  What a pretty background.  Yay Plug-ins!


Well here's the Redesign of Tom.  This is him during the day.  Wow.  Marvel at his glory.  How much do I love plugins that make me not have to worry about background design?  So much!


This picture is pretty much the same one as the one above, but I changed the colour levels a bit to make it look night timeish, and then I also changed the background, obviously, to make it night.


This is a piece of fan art I made for the guys over at Mac Hall.  You should all go over to right now and bow before them, in the same way I am doing in this wonderful picture.  Peachy-Keen!



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Due to my lack of art skills, and my laziness (No, actually just lack of art skills, because I would love to stop doing my readings and draw if only I could) I have not created any wallpapers yet.



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This will be where I put anything that has to do with the 545.  Perhaps pictures, real pictures, not just cartoonish ones.  Hmm, or maybe I'll try to broaden my art skills and take real pictures and Waking Life-erize them.  You know what I'm talking about, you've probably seen it done in the Matrix car commercial (or if you like crappy indy shorts, than you've seen it in PLUG)



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Here's a happy Christmas card you can print out and send to everyone you know!  I know it's a bit late, but hey, it might start a trend for holiday joys!  You can even colour it in if you'd like!  Wowwy zowwy!  If I'm ever bored I might colour it myself. Peachy Keen! (watch out for a valentines day card, if I'm not too lazy!)


Sometimes I think to myself, Mike, how can I take something that doesn't suck as a whole, and then create the most monstrous thing imaginable, to make people never once doubt that I am in no way an artist?  Well the simple answer is this: Draw something that is almost good, and colour it with crayons, and then have half the crayons be shades of brown.  Lastly, claim it's good enough as a present (I'm sorry Rains, I really did try hard).



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